NFT Sensei

NFT Sensei

An elite NFT analytics, sniping and automation toolkit with exclusive integrations
At NFT Sensei, we've built an all-in-one NFT analytics, sniping and automation toolkit to give traders an unfair edge in the market.
The product is stacked with the necessary custom bots, analytics and integrations you'll need to implement a superior trading/investing strategy. The genesis NFT serves as a Life Time Pass.
Some of the perks include, but are not limited to:
  • Instant rarity reveals
  • Integrated purchasing with custom gas and three different sniping modes
  • Mint bot with multi-wallet and Flashbots support
  • Listings sniping monitor with auto-snipe and 1-click buy with price and rank filters
  • Discord alerts & bots
  • Industry leading bidding bot
  • Comprehensive project analytics etc.
  • Private node access
To read about all of our features, check out our Feature Value Overview.
NFT Sensei is by far the most extensive product on the market for what it aims to do. We like to refer to the suite as a swiss army knife for degens.
It's already built, no BS, hype-only marketing or fake promises. Pure Day 1 utility built by a team of professionals.
Don't believe us? See it for yourself! We have beta testers, testimonials, massive wins and and sneak peeks already in our Discord:
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